Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vail preview and Items for sale...

Today we did around 20 miles in the dirt. It was great getting out there with some friends! Luke, Zippy, and Eric joined Allison and I for two laps of the 12hr of Temecula course and some extra credit stuff at the end. Allison is trying hard to tune back up for another solo attempt. She doesn't have the volume of training for this one that she had for the last one. I know she can rock it though, I just hope she figures out that she can!

It was a bit hot out there, but all in all I felt great on the bike. I was really railing on a few sections. I haven't felt that in tune with my bike for a while. Those moments when you really get in the flow are pretty special!

My knee didn't hurt too much, although this evening it has been a little uncomfortable.

I love riding my mountain bike. Tomorrow will be a long day in the saddle with good friends. I am looking forward to it! Maybe I will bring along the camera for a change, my blog could really use some nice pics!

By the way, if you know anyone that needs an Intense Socom, a Camelbak, or any R/C stuff check out my stuff that I have posted on Ebay. I need to sell this stuff off to help pay for Allison's 2009 race bike.

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