Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good and Bad.

Oh man, the joy of being back on my bike was overwhelming! It was great to go out and ride with a few friends, no matter how slow my knee forced me to ride. I did test it a little and it let me know that I shouldn't be testing it! Anyway the ride was short and slow, but it was great to be out there.

In life there are many times where bad news accompanies good news.

Allison had a horrible high speed crash tonight. She managed to not break any bones, but has very big areas of abrasion, a big knot on her head, both of her knees are probably as bad as my knee, and various other aches and pains (I am sure they will be worse tomorrow). According to her GPS log she was traveling around 28mph when she crashed, the high speed crash was the result of picking a bad line at speed and hitting a few large loose rocks on a fairly easy fire road descent. She laughed it off by saying that she "was due for a good crash". I am proud of her as she pedaled all the way back to the truck and never shed a single tear, TOUGHNESS. Man I hate to see her hurt so bad.

Good news and bad news. Life goes on.

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Luke said...

like with everything else, things have their cycles. as you move forward through learning you figure out how to reduce the amplitude in some areas. hope you guys heal up...cuz i don't have a long list of folks to ride with ;)