Thursday, June 24, 2010

The line forms here...

Today was supposed to be a travel day. We were supposed to be on our way to WI for Allison to throw down with the best in the USA. It was going to be great.

Thanks to the craptastic airlines our flight was canceled yesterday afternoon. I did my best to scramble and save the day to no avail. After requesting a refund (funny, they canceled our flight the day before our trip, but it takes 10 business days for them to refund our money?!?!?! Fuckers.) I suggested to Allison that we take today off to spend together. I wanted to try riding a bike.

This morning after prepping the bikes I strapped on my Sworks shoes. They were taken off of me the day of my crash and hadn't been back on my feet since. I cried a little as I tightened them.

I rolled out into the parking lot. I pedaled around and made sure I felt comfortable on the bike. After a few minutes I had to roll back into the garage. I was laughing and sobbing uncontrollably. I was very happy to be riding again.

I then twisted Allison's arm, hard! She didn't want to, but I convinced her that it was symbolic for me to ride at Daley Ranch. It was the first place we rode our brand new Specialized bikes together 5 years ago, our first of many mountain bike rides together. Five years later I wanted it to be the place of my return after my horrible mistake, one that could have taken my life if not for strong muscles, bones, and a bunch of luck.

So with that we rode...

I cried at least once on the ride, and it wasn't from pain. You see I love riding my bike with my wife and it means everything to me that I can do it again.

So the line forms here. If you want to come out and kick my ass on a bike you should take advantage of it now. I am definitely not up to speed yet. I must warn you though, this window of opportunity may not last long! :)

To all my friends who supported me and sent me words of encouragement, I thank you.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More time, endless time...

I think most athletes have issues with injury. Unfortunately so much time has passed since my injury that I don't think I qualify as an athlete anymore.

I am back at work. Work can be a good distraction. It can also make you wish you could just be normal again.

Allison is the best wife ever. She is still busting her hump and doing everything she can to fulfill all her roles. She is quite amazing actually...

Wife, check.
Hold up cubicle walls 40hrs per week, check.
Train your ass off, check.
Prop up busted ass hubby, check.
Cook, clean, shop, drive...
Oh and place top five at national level XC MTB events.

Holy shit is she an animal. The women she races with do an occasional photo shoot and train. Talk about a handicap!

So we have established Allison is near super human. What is going on with me? I am still not able to pedal. I still can't use my right quadriceps. My neck has good days and bad, but doesn't have much range of motion ever.

Anything else? Oh yeah, somebody sign Allison up to race full time next year. She has proven she can be on the podium. Give her a shot. She has earned it and I won't be able to afford another year like this.