Monday, April 4, 2011


Last week definitely had it's challenges, and the overwhelming response from our racing and riding buddies has been to "Keep it rolling."  I think that is awesome advice both literally and metaphorically speaking.  I do appreciate the good advice!

After a much less than stellar week I didn't know what to expect for this weekend's installment of the Kenda Cup Series.  To add to my whacky week, I took a pretty hard digger the day before the race.  I was riding my HT and having a blast riding with Luke out at Vail when I had a freak pedal strike that catapulted me through the air.  
Luke snapped this photo when I caught up to him after the crash.
It is a very unsettling feeling to be flying down single track one second, then flying through the air looking backwards wondering what just happened.  I landed on the left side of my back where I had stored my spare tube and CO2.  On impact the bulge in my pocket punched me in the kidney and my left hip/glut was hurting pretty good.  I reminded myself that I have done pretty well at races after a hard crash the day before...

My left hip (Traumatic Bursitis) the night before Fontana National 2009.
The later race start at Sycamore was a bit of a curveball after the super early starts at Bonelli and Fontana.  I was unsure how to deal with my nutrition, and I did my best to relax despite my pre-race jitters.

Stay warm and relaxed
I wound up using some of the time to go back over my awesome race bike.

Race whip ready to do it's best to make up for my lack of skills and fitness.
Lining up for the race there were a few missing number plates, namely Bryan Taylor whom I had battled with last weekend at Fontana.  I have to admit I was bummed to not have him there, but having previewed the course in the morning was pretty sure that he likely would have bested me on the day.  I chatted with the guys on the line.  I really enjoy racing with such cool people!  I was however more than aware that I am the guy with the target on his back now.

Me joking with Daniel.
Before I knew it we were called up and then started.

I didn't have a great start, I missed my pedal but it seemed nobody really wanted to go out in front of me.

I don't remember what I said to Sheek, but I think I look a little more relaxed than I actually was.  That was about it though for my race monologue.  I led the group out and then ran scared for the rest of the race.  Towards the end of the first lap I looked back on the climb and saw that I had a little gap over second and third (at the time Chad was still well within striking distance and so was Curt Bouma).  I just did my best to keep the pressure on.

I rode pretty much the entire race solo.  I missed working with Bryan!
I suffered pretty badly on the last lap.  My legs were cramping and I did my best to spin.  I kept looking over my shoulder expecting to see someone charging after me.

We had a great spot for the pits, I like this photo Allison got.  Rock N' Road overload!

Nobody caught me though.  I won my AG.  For the third race in a row.  I was third amateur overall though and don't feel any pressure to upgrade knowing that the fastest CAT1 racers are beating me by 6 minutes!

My prescription Oakley Jawbones with G30 lenses were dialed!
After the race I did my best to keep moving despite my cramping legs and uber sore knee.

Happy to be done racing for the day!
We slowly packed up the Velosport support area while we waited for the podiums.

Empty steps again?!
So now my plan is to try to maintain some fitness.  My next race is Idyllwild Spring Challenge.  I have yet to get to race the long course there as it seems every year there is something that goes wrong.  I plan on trying to keep it rollin' and have some fun on the awesome single track up there!  Maybe we will try to camp up there and do all three (XC, SuperD, and TT).  That would be awesome!!!!

Thanks again for all the support.  Thanks to Allison for all the cool pics!  Rollin'.