Monday, November 2, 2009


I have had the Korn song stuck in my head for a few days now. Today I realized that I had modified it as it played over and over in my head...

"All Day I Dream About Specialized"

... bikes that is.

So my daydreaming about bikes is probably more intensified lately. I can't ride, wait, rephrase that... I can't ride the way I want. I am currently suffering from Patellar Tendonitis. I can spin a bit, on flat ground, but no real riding. Did I mention that this sucks yet?

Weekend update:

Friday I drank too much.

Saturday I dropped off the Mannimals at the trail head for Noble. Talk about torture!

Sunday I ate too much, and drank too much.

I think I see a negative pattern forming here.

Working hard with the Physical Therapist, icing the joint, taking the prescribed meds, and trying to ensure I don't over stress the knees... all in an attempt to promote healing before the Training Plan is supposed to start up in a week.

Please let my knees come back around, please...

Happy monday!