Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not 100% but not bad!

So today on our mountain bike ride I went pretty hard on the climbs, it is really nice to have someone fast to try to keep up with! It had been far too long since I had gone on a ride with anyone other than the spousal unit. I push myself pretty hard when I ride alone, but nothing is quite like that competitive spark to drive me to dig a little deeper and today really drove that home with me.

Unfortunately I had spent most of the day standing at work and my knee was sore before the ride. After the ride my knee is pretty swollen and quite sore. My goal on Saturday is to go out and have fun, it would suck if the fun is dampened by pain eminating from my knee!


I don't normally clog up my blog posts with stuff about work but today something happened that I want to record, something to look back on.

Lately at work things have been pretty crappy. I have been coming up with good ideas and in the past year or so quite a few of them have been ripped off. Even when they aren't ripped off, others have taken credit for my success, you wouldn't believe how blatant it has been! I have run the gammut of negative thought and emotion regarding this issue, lately I have just been angry.

Today a world famous person came to our work as a key note speaker for an internal technological exposition. At this exposition one of the ideas that I had generated won someone else an award (both recognition and cash). Needless to say I was feeling pretty bitter.

So after this famous innovator gives his speech it had been arranged for me to meet with him regarding some possible collaboration between his company and ours for the project I am working on. Lots of people have glommed onto this guy, we have very high profile people following him around like love sick puppies! It is rather disgusting because this guy was talking over all their heads and they just stand there and nod and hope that somehow being close to him they will suck up some of his power. At first I was pushed into the back row of the meeting (it was taking place in a laboratory) but eventually I pushed my way through the bobble heading managers and had quite a good technical discussion of the problem with this famous inventor. In any case as the meeting is coming to a close he looks at a Director and motions toward me, "We need to get your smart people with my smart people to work out the details." For some reason having that guy acknowledge me in that way made my head spin. It was the coolest proffessional thing that has ever happened to me. Anyway, for the first time that I can remember I walked out of work with a real smile and a feeling of accomplishment, not that I don't accomplish things, but that someone acknoledged me for excellence in my field. In any case, it felt great. Then I went out and rode my mountain bike. Can't beat that for a good day!

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