Sunday, October 5, 2008

Injured reserve...

Yesterday's race was not so good. I wound up breaking my chain and smashing my knee up on the first lap and took my first DNF. Plain old bad luck has struck me twice in the past two races. Hopefully this cloud will now go away and hang over someone else.

My right knee is trashed. As if the fall on the road bike last week wasn't bad enough (twisted knee, ligament pain, bruising, road rash) with damage to the outside of the knee, yesterday's chain snappage damaged the other side. The point of impact on the fork crown was just to the inside of the kneecap for maximum soft tissue damage. Last night my knee was ubber swollen even after icing it. Luckily it didn't need stitches, I hate those damn waiting rooms. Scraping a chunk of flesh off the adjuster on the top of the fork crown is now one of my least favorite pieces of bike maintenance.

So I will be off the bike for a few days. It totally sucks not being able to ride. Things that normally frustrate me become unbearable, people that bother me suddenly look like punching bags. Hopefully I will be able to ride later this week. More frustration, I could have used time off the bike to clean the garage. It really needs it as I have not re-organized since we returned from Colorado! Unfortunately I can't even do that. Knee and back injuries can now be classified as worse than shoulder or arm injuries in my book.

To try and distract me from the agony that is not riding, I checked into the viewers of my blog. I was quite surprised at who was checking it out. For those of you that don't know much about the interweb, the service that gives me that neat little counter at the bottom of the page also records a bunch of data. It records the IP address of those that are viewing the page, where they came from, where they went afterward, where they live(or work if you view from work), their ISP, what operating system they are using, their screen resolution, how many times a day they look at the page, etc. Anyway, I was surprised to see who was following my adventures. Enjoy! ;)

Maybe I will go through all our pictures later and find some of my favorite shots to post up. I am hoping to talk the spousal unit into going to the movies (we have free tickets) but neither of us care much for the aggravation. Just need to waste time till I can ride again.

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