Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not such a good week so far...

So far this week I haven't felt so hot.

Monday the day started out very poorly. After the big ride on Sunday I took a couple of Tylenol PM's in the hopes that it would help me sleep. I don't know if that was the cause, but I was totally woozy for most of the morning. I felt a little better as the day progressed, but never really felt like my mind and body ever really turned on.

After work we decided to go on a flat recovery ride. Bad idea. Allison was complaining so much I could have strangled her. I was hurting pretty bad as well, but women have that special thing that makes them want to share everything verbally. She was letting me know how uncomfortable she was on the saddle, that it was hot, that she couldn't stay in Zone 2, I was riding too fast, her legs didn't feel good... I didn't feel well either and was irritated. That didn't help things. In any event the recovery ride went poorly although I tolerated the pain (my butt and my ears). Monday never really came around.

Tuesday I felt much better. We didn't ride into work to give our sit bones a rest. At lunch we did chest/shoulders/triceps in the gym. I am trying to lift light. Despite my attempts to keep the lifting light, I am building muscle on my upper body. It certainly doesn't help me with XC racing or training to carry extra muscle mass, but at the same time I feel that for DH it is a good thing. I also am afraid that if I neglect my upper body I will be more prone to injury in crashes and stuff. I wish I could progress beyond crashing as a mountain biker... I think that is a silly notion though.

After work we hit the hills pretty hard. I pulled most of the time, and gapped Allison at the top of the first climb but not like I usually do. On the big climb I set a nice hard pace and she held my wheel. I upped the pace a bit and she was still there. I was maxed out and was going to have to sit up, I thought that she might have fallen off... Just as I was ready to shift down from the big ring, sit up and wait for her, I heard her shift her cassette, she was right on me!!! I was broken. I dropped down and fell in behind her. Granted I was able to recover and then attack on the final portion of the hill leaving her to crest it alone, but man is she getting strong. The days are over when I have to wait for her (unless she is holding back which she seems to do often). To think that she is now nearly my equal is both awesome and terrifying. I am both filled with pride and ripped to shreds. I don't know how much longer I will be an effective training partner for her. I think she has amazing potential and hope that when she eventually leaves me in her dust that she remembers that I used to wait for her. :)

I am looking forward to the rest of the week. I want to do some intervals tomorrow after work. This weekend we have some pretty awesome riding planned. Thursday I should be getting my new XC frame. It makes me somewhat sad to retire my old trusty SIR9, but I have to say that Niner bikes is a great company and has great people working for them. I hope my new AIR9 will give me as many great miles of service as the SIR9 did. I however looking forward to a lighter XC bike!
One of my favorite shots of a dear old friend...

May you rail buff single track for eternity.

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