Friday, July 11, 2008

Vail and the Orange Machine

Yesterday was a hard day and I am paying for it today!

At lunch we hit the gym and did back/biceps/legs. I haven't done any leg workouts in the gym in a long time. After work we did a little over an hour on the mountain bikes. This morning I could barely walk!

Last night's ride at Vail was pretty fun. Allison and I got there a little early and did a quick loop up Ambulance and down Tunnel, then we met up with Luke and Tom and set out for the rest as a group. We went up Bridges, and then the group split with Luke and I heading up to Rattlesnake. The switchbacks on Rattlesnake are horribly torn up and I could not ride them. We were looking for the new single track that Eric Carter made and rode right past it. After riding the entire length of the ridge we doubled back and finally located the single track. The new single track was really pretty cool. It was a bit fluffy in places and needs to be worn in, but other than that it was fun and had a few good steep spots and some cool turns. Luke and I then rode up Marine Corps (we both cleaned it!) and met up with the rest of the group. The group then climbed up Ambulance and then descended Marlin. Near the bottom of Marlin we picked up a short little single track that Robert Herber put together, then climbed back up Ambulance and did Tunnel again.

The last trip up Ambulance was interesting. Allison decided to attack and I was unable to catch her. At one point I thought I would make the catch, as she sat up and slowed down, I got to within maybe 15 feet and she realized I was there. She put her head down and pulled away! She is getting really fast!

So last night when we got home my new frame was sitting at the doorstep. I will try to post some pictures later when I get around to taking it out of the box! (Imagine that, I got a new frame and didn't have the energy to unbox it!)

The plan for tonight is to do a flat easy road ride to spin the legs out some. Saturday we will be going up to Big Bear and Sunday we are planning on a really long road ride. Should be interesting!

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Denmother said...

Glad to see that the Mann adventures continue!!!