Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Long time no post...

It has been a little while.

Lots of stuff has transpired.

Lets see, we have been riding lots. Last weekend we rode on Saturday with Brian and Kris. What an awesome ride! I really like them. I think they are going to make great parents for their new baby on the way. I spent a lot of the ride with Kris. Being pregnant and having to keep a lid on her HR made her concerned that she wouldn't be able to ride with us, but I had a blast just chatting with her and hanging out.

Saturday we had another awesome day. We rode Aliso-El Morro with the Mannimals. It was lots of fun. I was really bummed when Jeffe had to bail out due to worn brake pads (maintain your bike much?). After the ride we hit up The Path for some much needed parts purchasing and then went over to Jeffe's for some BBQ. Jeffe's pad is psick! He was an incredible host as well with great beer and tasty BBQ!

Other stuff going on... I am in a transition state lately. I am moving away from participating on MTB message boards as the crap that was going on there had started to effect me (and Allison too). It makes me kinda sad in a way. We had a lot of awesome times last year organizing trips and sharing trails and our lives with other riders that we met. Of course there are probably 100 A-holes for every 2 quality human beings on the planet so eventually the little utopia that we were participating in would be shattered. I will miss interacting with the people that we met as I am sure most of them will not keep in touch. On the bright side, I look forward to the next chapter of The Mann Adventure... the reduction of distractions might help us both focus on the important things in life like riding, racing, training, VACATION...

So we leave for our big vacation of the year on Friday! Man am I looking forward to it. I had hoped to share this vacation with others but it wasn't to be. Allison and I will be doing some high altitude camping and riding in AZ, CO, and NM. It should be a great adventure... that is what life is all about!!!!

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