Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh mann...

My legs are shaking just thinking about the next five days.

Tomorrow I am riding after work to my co-worker's house. It is about 55 miles one way with a ton of climbing (I will know the details after the ride).

Thursday I am flying to Tucson and back on business.

Friday I am riding back to work in the morning (55 miles, mostly descending).

Saturday we are riding a double traverse of Palomar Mtn. (around 50 miles with 9k ft of climbing)

Sunday we are riding San Juan Trail.

Somewhere in that time I have to build my new bike so that I have a mountain bike to ride. I also will be away from home for two of the nights and unable to work on the bikes. I am hoping to get a bunch of it done tonight... but also have to pack and get ready for my business trip.

To compound my apprehension my legs are very sore today. The combination of a century on Sunday and leg day in the gym on Monday has left my legs feeling quite knackered.

What is it that my bracelet says again... :) HAHAHAHA!

Allison makes a good wrist model...

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