Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July: An eclectic 3 day weekend!

Or... 3 Days, 4 People, 12 bikes! (Mongoose DH, 2 Socoms, Demo7, Lunchbox, Canzo, AIR9, 575, Felt Z-25 and F1X, K2 Mach5, Roubaix)

Independence Day may not mean much other than fireworks to some. For me it is the celebration of one of the axioms of my existence... "Have the best time that I can without messing up someone else's time."

In celebrating the freedom we enjoy it seemed appropriate that we spread our passion for cycling over all three days and celebrate our cycling diversity with good friends. Our friends and training partners Steph and Dan shared all three days with us. It is always wonderful sharing time with them as they are really great people and amazing cyclists.

Friday we got our shuttle on with the DH bikes. It was an awesome day of gravity oriented riding. Lots of jumps and drops and challenging features. I conquered some demons with gap jumps and step ups. It was really hot out though and it was exhausting to have gear on so we called it quits after only two shuttles.

Allison was really throwing down too which always makes me proud! She attempted one of the smaller gap jumps and came up short. It sucked to have her crash, but I am proud of her for trying. The only way to go to the next level is to push yourself, she makes me proud by going outside of her comfort zone. When she does stuff like this it makes me sad to think that her focus is XC racing!!!!!!

Saturday we went "goater" and rode a Tour de Noble. It was a great day. I put in a few hard efforts early on trying to clean some obstacles on the lower section of trail known as Extra Credit, then railed the descent on the other side.

I paid for my efforts early on though when it came to climbing up the road. The heat got to me and I was dripping sweat and last to arrive at the Big Oak Tree, the landmark at the top of the asphault climb. Indian Creek is always a challenge, I did my best to conserve as much as possible when the trail permitted.

The descent after Champagne Pass was going really well untill I pinch flatted on the front, I now have a significant dent in that rim! The climb up to Penny Pines was uneventful and hot.

After a break in the shade and a refill on fluids we pushed on to finish climbing.

I made a few runs at a log ride, and then did some rock stunts.

The descent was filled with fun and speed, each of us embracing the moment, celebrating the day and our hard earned reward.

Sunday was a new day and along with it came yet another pair of bikes for the day's riding. We decided to beat the heat and do our "Cool and Easy 50" road ride. The weather was perfect and the four of us had a great day. I don't know if you can beat nice road ride near the beach during the summer!

What a great three day weekend. I feel really good despite a bit of road rash from a silly mistake on the road bikes on Sunday. This week I hope to get in some interval training and if my Niner frame arrives in time we should be racing at the Rim Nordic Stage Race this weekend!

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