Monday, June 30, 2008

Cool and Easy 50? No way!

Thursday night we rode at Vail again. We rode a different route than usual. It had a lot more climbing on Single Track with no real sustained climbs. Steep up, fast down type stuff. It was a good ride and I was challenged by trying to keep up with Luke on the climbs. I almost ran over a really big Horned Lizard, he was well camoflaged on the trail. I stopped to move him off the trail to make sure nobody else ran him over.

I need to keep challenging my technical skills so I played around for a while on the bleachers by the new RC car track. When I saw that they had finally built a track to go with the top notch facility that is there I was pretty shocked at my reaction. Surprisingly I felt as though I wanted to race my 8th scale again. I doubt I will, but the idea of racing toy cars again sounded pretty cool. I must have forgotten about all the whiny people and bickering...

Friday was our usual off day. I got the truck washed and we did our weekly shopping.

Saturday we headed down to Escondido for a ride at Daley Ranch. On the way down the marine layer was really thick but as we prepared to roll out from the parking lot it burned off and the temps started to rise. I felt good and hammered on the first loop some. I have to say that I was extremely proud of Allison for cleaning Cardiac for the first time ever. Her progress both mentally and physically is pretty amazing. After the ride we drove down to the beach and met my mom for lunch. It was very pleasant. I ate too much, and not very well... We also went to REI and picked up some stuff. I got new Reef sandals, WOOT! Steph and Dan came up in preparation for our big Sunday ride and I drank some beers with Dan while we wrenched in the garage.

Sunday we did a dirt half century on probably 70% single track. It was awesome. There were definitely some challenging moments for all the participants. I am very thankfull for the few people that I get to ride with that can share these experiences with me. It was an amazing day. I am most proud of the girls. It was a very challenging ride with the heat, the altitude, and lots of saddle time (I had around 6 hrs of RIDE time).

Today is an off day, but I hope to go do a short flat road ride after work for recovery. Short week this week so we will see what happens with commuting. We have some good rides planned for the 4th! :)

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