Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just a quick "Thank you" for all the people that come out and support us racing. We really appreciate the people that yell their heads off and ring bells and take photos... and all the other various things that people do at the races. Racing wouldn't be the same without the "atmosphere" that occurs when you have people cheering for their favorites, or just drinking beer and taking it all in.

As a racer I always do my best to stick around to cheer for my fellow racers, friends, and the awesome athletes that make it onto the podium. I was lucky enough to make the podium this past weekend but couldn't be there as I was doing race support for Allison while the Cat1 awards were going on.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. Racing wouldn't be the same without you!

Happy Tuesday!


Vu said...

Awesome job out there Justin, after all it's good to have people to push you to go harder.

I'm going to make it a goal not to get caught by you at Sage Brush.

Justin said...


If we were to race today, you would surely achieve your goal! I am in pretty rough shape right now, hoping to get things patched up for Sage Brush... see you there!

Vu said...

Dude I read your previous post and I'm glad you did not post an actual picture of that bump, otherwise I would totally get grossed out.

I hope you heal up before Sage Brush.