Saturday, March 28, 2009

Learning experience...



Lessons learned today:

1. Kenda Karma is not a good tire for Justin.

2. I need to make sure that in the future my day-before-race activity needs to ensure that I keep all my flesh attached.

Hip and knee are both pretty well trashed.

Just a guess, but I think this will have a negative impact on my race tomorrow AM... I still plan on giving it a go! :)

Best of luck to all!


perrygeo said...

OUCH! So I'm assuming lessons #1 and #2 related? .. imagining a horrific crash due to the tire rolling clear off the rim!

I guess it could've been worse .. good luck on the recovery and see you at the race tomorrow.

Luke said...

damn...and i just ate lunch!

next need for close-ups! ;)

Justin said...

Yep. Tire rolled off the rim and I slammed down... probably one of my hardest hits to date. The knee is nothing. The hip... I don't know how things will go. If I can walk tomorrow I will be racing!

Ryan Weeger said...

aww man thats money is still on you to dominate it, rambo cuts or not! and something else to learn, justins farmers tan is AWESOME!

jameson said...

just drink a bunch of beer tonight to numb the pain and then get after it tomorrow!

good luck dude!

Justin said...

Thanks guys! I am still going to give it a shot. My knee can leak all it wants, and my hip looks like Alien is trying to escape... but I am going to go out there and give 'er!