Friday, March 27, 2009

Fontucky Pre Ride

Just got back from Fontana. 2 laps on the course. The first climb is going to suck bad... I almost wish I had raced 'Cross to train for running with my bike and jumping back on full stride. :)

I still think the course is awesome and will make for some great racing!

My trend of five continues. My racing number 19FIVE!!!!!

That is right. 195. Good omen? Only time will tell!

Good luck racers!!!!!


perrygeo said...

So that first big climb looks really intimidating on the map ... is it rideable or a definite hike-a-bike?

Good luck .. see you sunday!

Justin said...

it might be rideable under the right conditions... but you can bet that on race day we will be running up parts of it!

jameson said...

i wish i was racing up there this weekend.

kick ass on sunday!