Monday, January 19, 2009

Still not 100%

After 8 days off the bike I decided that “rest and recovery” was not going to get me any farther with this whole illness thing.

Saturday we planned to hit up an IE Bikes team ride in Palm Desert. Since Allison had an appointment with Max Performance Bike Fit on Sunday we decided to make a mini training camp weekend in the desert.

Friday night after a 30 min Z1 spin on the trainer we packed up the truck and headed to the desert. The trip out was uneventful but we stayed up later than we planned. I always have a hard time unwinding after driving like that.

Saturday morning we showed up right on time to find a bunch of team mates milling about. We got a nice surprise when we found out that Monique “Pua” Sawicki would be out with us for the day.

It was a perfect day for a nice long ride. We put in 96 miles.

Some of the road surfaces were a little less than ideal, and I had brand new shorts on that I am not sure about yet, which left me a little raw on the posterior.

Other than that the day went very smoothly.

The views were spectacular (the entire women’s team had assembled for the ride) and the geology of the desert always makes a nice backdrop. ;)

Sunday the two of us put in some excellent Z2 work. The area around Palm Desert is just so perfect for base training.

After a quick 36 miles we headed over to meet up with Mike and get Allison fitted.

I feel that the money spent on the fitting was well worth it. Mike not only performed a very thorough fit, he also ran some power and efficiency tests on her.

Using the data from the tests and her physiology he gave some suggestions on how to improve.

So being sick didn’t seem to slow me down much over the weekend. I don’t really FEEL sick, but my nose is continuously hemorrhaging snot with a little blood in it and in the morning I have lots of multi-colored blobs coming from my facial orifices. I guess I will give it another few days and then head back to the doctor if things don’t get better.

It looks like next weekend’s plans have changed significantly. Allison and I will both be doing solo efforts at the 12 hrs of Temecula. We both love riding at Vail and look forward to a great event! Since it will be my first solo 12 hrs attempt I will be riding pretty conservatively. I don’t expect to place well, but I will be having some fun out there!

We have a sticker, but no green grips yet. :(

Happy Monday!


JOY said...

We love Mike!

jameson said...

you're both racing solo? you guys are nuts. lets hope it doesn't rain!