Monday, January 26, 2009

The day after.

What do you do the day after riding your mountain bike for almost 92 miles?

You go out and ride your mountain bike some more!

I was pretty sore, especially my legs, arms, neck, and lower back... but I chased Allison and Luke around for an hour and 15 minutes. Of course I had no problems buzzing their back tires on the descents, climbs were another story. My HR wasn't responding to efforts at all and my legs were more like low grade ground beef than Grade A Prime Steaks.

I was super stoked to see Allison riding her new bike. I am really looking forward to seeing what she can do on that bike when she gets into Build Phase. I might have to step up my own training to keep up!

I had the camera so that I could take a few pictures of Allison on the new bike. When I got dropped on a (very slight incline) climb I turned the camera on myself in Sonya Looney fashion! Here are the results. :) No I am no where near as hot as she is.

What does one consume on a weekend like this? Lets see, In-N-Out Double Double with Grilled Onions, Pizza and Stout at BJ's... not such a good weekend for me nutritionally. :)

Thanks to Luke and Charessa for joining us on Sunday!!!!!

Happy Monday!


Pedal Circles said...

Crazy beesh riding after a 12 hour race! I usually take the off day, but I didn't deserve it this time ;)

How about a review on those ERGON's??

Justin said...

The Ergon grips were FREAKING PERFECT!!!! I was so stoked that I stole those from you! Not once in the 12 hours did I have any hand pain. Of course it might have been nice to have the pain be in my hands for a short time to relieve something else... :)

I even liked having the bar ends on there. :)

Basically I am 100% sold on the Ergon grips for endurance stuff.