Monday, January 5, 2009


Lately I have been such an E-slacker, but I have been riding the shit out of my bikes!

Since my last post I have put in just over 30hrs of saddle time. No Luke, if you are reading this, Allison didn't do all of that with me. :)


Rode a 3/4 century that included descending to Borrego Springs and climbing back out Montezuma Grade. That was quite a day.

Rode ITT-Trabuco-Holy Jim and beat the hell out of myself.

Rode SJT twice, had a blast, and cleaned the Matterhorn for the first time.

Spent some time with my family (mom and sister)!

So I am feeling really strong and 2009 is off to a great start. Hope everyone else is having a great start to their year as well!


jameson said...

it sounds like things are going really well. I want to plan a big ride the weekend before the 12 hour race out a vail to pre-ride the course. any chance the "mann" crew would be interested. I still some mtb lessons from you guys.

Luke said...

if i'm lookin at it sure are eazin over to the endurance side of things with all that mileage! just hope your DH soul isn't slippin away on our account ;)

Justin said...

James - bad weekend bro. i sent you a message on facebook, but we are not going to be in town that weekend. major bummer as i would be stoked to ride. another time...

Luke - have no fear bro, i am still a DH guy. i do sense a shift though, i hope to not ask myself why i am racing XC DURING the races this year.