Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cool news, not so cool news.

Bad news first. I am still sick. I am okay with being sick for one more day, and then I think I am going to really freak out.

Since I am sick I feel it is my duty to suck up some bandwidth on the interweb, so on to the good news (good news keeps my post from being all "downer cow").

Allison picked up another sponsor! So now the list goes something like: Ergon, SRAM, Scrub Components, IE Bikes, and Division26. Since I am a major benefactor of anyone that helps Allison's racing, I figured I could post a little about each sponsor and what they mean to me.

I will do so in the order that they enter my cranium.

IE Bikes is the closest bike shop to our home. We have purchased almost every one of Allison's bikes there (and mine too). Honestly Allison probably belongs in a Specialized commercial with her stable and that is in large part due to the fact that Matt is a Specialized dealer. IE Bikes is a great full service shop that deals in everything from BMX to tricked out Tri bikes. Without the help of Matt, Allison would likely not have been able to get such an incredible race steed as her Sworks Epic.

Ergon makes those awesome grips that relieve the hand and arm pain that Allison experiences with regular grips. This year she will get to use "Team Green" Ergon grips on her race bike and she is very stoked about it. Allison has used Ergon grips since before she started racing and they have helped her keep control of her bike and her hand pain for some heinous endurance stuff as well as XC racing. I don't get to ride with "Team Green" grips but it means that I don't have to listen to her complain about pain in her hands and maybe I will get to hang out with Jeff Kerkove or his hot girlfriend Sonya Looney some time.

One of the sponsorships that I am most excited about is SRAM. Since I do all the wrenching on the bikes it helps to have the best components out there and I personally think that means having SRAM components. Nearly every bike in our stable has Avid brakes, SRAM drivetrains, and RockShox forks. Not because we were sponsored, because we weren't before now, but because they make top notch stuff. Needless to say I am really happy that Allison is going to be representing on their grassroots program.

The latest addition to her sponsor list for '09 is Scrub Components. We have yet to receive their brake products, but I am very excited about them! I know a bit about engineering materials and I think that they are onto something big. It is very important to me that Allison's bike be light and durable and I am anxious to try out these rotors on her bike!

Allison carried one sponsorship over from last year with Division26 clothing. Of course they don't make stuff that she wears during races, but when she is done battling with the other women on course she likes to throw on her Division26 apparel while she waits to step onto the podium.

She is also hoping to continue representing for Crank Brothers , a sponsorship she had last year, but we have not finalized the details. Regardless of whether or not she is sponsored by them she will be using their pedals because she likes the way they work and I like the simplicity and weight!

We are training hard (at least she is, I hope to join her if I can get healthy) and looking forward to a great 2009 season so stay tuned!

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