Friday, February 3, 2012

Mix it up!

A recent thread on MTBR asked some questions about training for 2012 and was a great thread in my opinion.    One of the questions was, "What are you doing differently?"  This is a very good question to ask because assuming that you can raise your game each year, or make some improvement, and you didn't achieve it previously, then it is likely that to reach your personal best or full potential a new stimulus is probably needed.

Now I am not a coach, just a previously fat guy that:

1) Wants to be healthy.  I have authored previous blog posts about running scared from the fat man in my rear view mirror.  I want to stay this way for the long haul, and that might best be achieved with more cross training.

2) Wants to be able to keep up with my wife on a bike.  If you know my wife, or have seen her on one, you likely understand that this is no small task and one which requires a high level of fitness.

3) Wants to compete.  I enjoy competition and would like to attain my own personal best, my full potential (whatever that means, it isn't a hard stop at the end of the road that is for sure).

So what am I doing differently this year?

Of course I am still riding my bike.  I am trying to carry the momentum from last year that was spurred by my comeback after breaking my neck.  I am also doing some new stuff like trail running!

I am really enjoying the trail running, and am grateful that I stumbled onto these puppies which have changed my world (or at least the one that revolves around the pain in my right foot!).

I am currently reading Born to Run and wish that I had read this book earlier and tried the barefoot/minimalist thing long before now!

In addition to the trail running I am doing workouts like today's Bike-Swim-Bike.

What is that?  Well I roll from work on my lunch break just like any other day.

Always nice to have someone to roll with!

But when I rolled out today I had some extra items tucked into a plastic bag in my jersey pocket.

A key ingredient to this whole equation is that pink water bottle.  Only it isn't a water bottle.

It is a very convenient lock to help ensure my bike stays where I left it when I go change like Superman into my other fruit-suit for aquatic activities.

Allison doesn't participate in the swim portion, see you later beautiful!

So I take my leave of my wonderful wife on wheels and put on my suit for the wet portion of the workout.

After that this is the "road" ahead.

Beatiful day for a bike...  er...  swim!

So after swimming for 20 minutes solid I then switch back to my land based fruit suit and pedal to reunite with my Two Wheeled Wonder Woman.

Together we spin back to work... complete our day of cubicle life.

So that is what I am doing differently.  I have hopes that it will help some as I prepare for the year ahead, but I am sure the alternate training stimulus is good for my health and well being.

This weekend should be a good one.  Big road ride, part of which will be with Rock N' Road Cyclery on Saturday...

...and a mountain bike ride before the Super Bowl on Sunday!  YEHAWW!  See you on the bike!

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jameson said...

good on ya for mixing it up... too many cyclists (road,mtb,cx) are afraid to try anything other than riding their bikes.... which is a mistake in my opinion.