Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Houston, we are having too much fun...

I have been putting in some awesome training!

My Strava information over there --->>  contains the numbers, but I can tell you that there is way more to it than just a bunch of miles, watts, altitude, or time!

Saturday Allison and I took off on the road bikes and roughly rode towards Oceanside.

Mountain bike racing starts in like a week and a half and I am super excited for to be representing a great cause when I pedal.  If you or someone you love has ever suffered the impact of cancer you know how important detection is.  Feel free to use the link over there ---->>  to donate to Mammograms In Action who funds cancer screening for those that otherwise might not be able to afford it.  If you use my link I will get "credit" towards supporting the cause, but the important part is that we all do what we can to help out.

 I would have donated a little more this quarter, but I just purchased a bunch of Ensure products for my dad to help him in his fight against lung cancer.  He can't talk anymore, but his wife told me that all he can eat is Ensure so I sent him a case of this...

 I was looking at the Ensure products and remembered that my dad always loved butterscotch pudding so I sent him a case of this...

My dad and I don't have the greatest relationship, but he is still my dad.  I hope he finds the strength to beat cancer.

Back to the riding...

It was a great day and we zig-zagged a bunch on the way back hitting up Sleeping Indian and then going back through Bonsall.  I love riding bikes with my wife!!!

After we rode we feasted at Freebirds.  So tasty!

Sunday we rode on the mountain bikes and had some company in the form of another aspiring Pro racer.

I was carrying spare gear in my uber awesome Ergon pack in case the weather turned bad or we needed spare tubes or a pump (I think I can almost fit my Volkswagen in there).  Unfortunately I didn't have the parts to repair the broken rear derailer cable that snapped later on in the ride leaving me with either 26-11 or 39-11 gearing.  My knees were not stoked...

My hands on the other hand have been stoked lately though with the addition of the new Ergon gloves.  The HX1's I have been using are extremely comfortable, super light, and airy feeling!  Highly recommended!

Having another rider along gave me a great opportunity too.  I really enjoy the few opportunities that I get to help someone, other than Allison, improve their riding.  In this case there was a marked improvement in descending immediately (bike setup and technique adjustments).

It was a blast shredding dirt trails and watching two very fit and talented women kicking up dust.

After 4.5 hours of riding on the mountain bikes...

The weekday interval workouts have really started to ramp up.  Despite the pain and anguish they prepare us well and are a sure sign that racing is close!  So before we know it I will be writing race updates here on the blog from the first few mountain bike races of the year.  Regardless of finishing position I feel I am as well prepared as ever and I hope everyone else is feeling the same way!

See you at the mountain bike races!

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