Monday, February 13, 2012

Biped, Rock, and Roll!

The last week was an "off week" for Allison and I.  Something that is probably typical of athletes like us, we are not so good at these.  In fact I am fairly certain I completely screwed it up, but I had fun!  Hopefully it doesn't hurt my performance, as we all know "it's all about performance"!

Here is what I did:
Monday: Short run/walk (3.5mi) with body weight exercises at the playground.
Tuesday: 2hr Easy spin
Wednesday: 2+ hr MTB
Thursday: 1.5hr Run (8.7mi) with body weight exercises at playground.
Friday: 1000m swim (26min)
Saturday: 3.6mi hike (1hr) and a couple of hours of Indoor Rock Climbing
Sunday: 3hr MTB

What causes me to do such a crazy week when I am supposed to be on regen?  Easy.  Weight.  If you know me at all you know that I battle with my weight.  I am oft to say I am a "fat man trying to be skinny".  So at the beginning of the week when stepped on the scale and it told me I was nearly at "race weight" I smiled broadly, then I scowled.  How to limit my losses (gains actually) through the week?  Starving myself isn't conducive to recovery!  I was definitely in desperate need of recovery too.

The previous week I had aggravated my achilles and it was causing me to load up on Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) and I was fighting some other issues (right knee issues and a saddle sore from forgetting to use Endur-It, dumb Justin!).  Tuesday it seemed my achilles was okay again, but the saddle sore was making riding impossible by the end of Wednesday.

Faced with three days off the bike to try and let my posterior recover I kind of went nuts on Thursday.  I ran, then I ran fast for me (two 7:40min miles), then my right knee had some issues (lunges of all things fixed the issues), then I ran more before doing some body weight stuff, then I ran.  It was kind of crazy, I was really enjoying the running.  I fully blame this whole running thing on the book I am reading "Born to Run".  It makes me want to go out and run down a deer!

I figured that some swimming would be good on Friday but couldn't pull off the Bike-Swim-Bike so I had Allison drop me off at the local pool while she ran errands at lunch.  It was a good workout, swimming is such a great way to spend lunch when the weather is nice like it has been!

Saturday Allison's coach said no bikes.  I came up with all kinds of crazy ways to spend the weekend off the bikes but was shot down on all fronts.  It turned out she came up with a stellar plan, so I am glad I got shot down.  First we hiked and then we climbed.  Awesome day!

There are awesome women everywhere, but I wanted to point out that these two are off the frickin charts.  A book could be written highlighting their achievements and comparing and contrasting them as athletes!  I look forward to seeing/reading/hearing about them taking over the world in 2012!!

First we marched up the hill, and then after meeting up with Dan we marched to find some grub!

Allison doesn't look pleased about not getting to partake in the tasty burger joint...  her choice not mine!

After grubbing we went climbing!

Allison was a frickin natural!  No real surprise, I think she would be good at anything she wanted to do.

It was fun but exhausting on our wimpy cyclist hands and upper bodies!

Sunday morning Allison finished up the fit on her new race bike... and as you might be able to guess it was awesome to get back on the bikes, on the dirt, on Sunday!

First ride back on my 2011 Epic.  So much fun!!!!  It isn't a new race whip, but it is bad ass!!!!

It was a fun week, if not quite as restful as it should have been, and now I am looking forward to getting some really solid training on the bike!  First race is almost here!  The course at Vail Lake will be fun!

Get some!  BRAAAAAAAP!

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