Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunrise at my back...

The hill rising in front of me shrouded in half-light,
A slim sillouette rythmically taps out the cadence up ahead,
I can no longer match her accelerations,
It makes me sad but proud, good things to come!

Before I do the whole weekend update thing, I have to say that it was great to be able to shake up our day today! I really envy the athletes that can adjust the timing of their days to get in a good outdoor workout in during the week. We got up before the sun and were on the road doing intervals on a local hill as the sun started it's trip across the desert sky. Training in the heat of day as we usually do (we use our lunch hour to bust out a 1hr training session most days) just isn't a good option with 100+ degree heat.

With each trip up the hill the sun changed positions, shifting the colors of the sky from red through orange and yellow. The smoke and ash created a wonderful sunrise! It was also great to get a bit of a longer workout in during the week. Unfortunately it seems my weight reduction program may have hurt my performance gains as I watched Allison accelerate away from me on nearly every interval. Good for her, not so good for me. Time to increase the calories a little methinks!

(Sorry, no sunrise pics to insert here but trust me it was AWESOME!)

Training rides have gone great lately (at least I am enjoying them!) and I have been using my camera that I bought in NYC. I used it on Friday on our regen ride...

And again on Saturday's Celo Pacific ride with star power provided by Slater, Luke, and Jamesbeth.

Not to be out done, Allison somehow snapped photos while hanging on in the middle of the pack (a feat that I didn't manage to do as I got DROPPED!)

After the ride we joined Slater, his beautiful wife, and some of their friends at the beach. It was worth the wait to get into the parking lot...

Sunday we rode with Zippy at Vail, same old place... except we did ride some new trails.

Looks like we have two races left on the calendar.

I plan on doing my best to finish the year strong although I am having my doubts...

Happy Tuesday!

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