Monday, August 24, 2009

The end is in sight...

The racing season is winding down but we still have three big races looming on the horizon.

I have been hitting the training hard in hopes of finishing the season strong. Reading James' blog it seems that he is the favorite for our AG (300 mile training weeks? I would be a pro!). It might be interesting to watch the battle form between James and Gary if Gary comes out to play. Looks like the rest of our group will be scrapping to climb the bottom step. Should make for some great racing!

After typing that I actually started laughing. To think that I might play a factor in a podium spot in a CAT1 race in my first year, and that I have already taken a 2nd! Amazing. 75lbs ago all I wanted was a second order of Chicken Tenders with my Double Cheeseburger, 4 years later I am battling for a podium spot with tiny guys that ride their bikes more than most people do... anything!

Ain't life grand!?

Weekend update:

Saturday I rode fast and hard with the CA Pools guys. I was working hard so no pics. It rained some on us too. It was my first time working in a paceline. It was pretty wild flying down the road with 15 or so people in close formation at 26+mph.

Sunday we rode SJT with Luke and Zippy and another cool guy. Allison amused herself by putting me deep in my pain locker for first half of the ride, then I beat myself up on some technical stuff. Good times!

I was having a bunch of fun on the descent. It is funny how much pain I endure so that I can enjoy a nice descent. Can I just move to Whistler and be a bike bum and ride the lift all day and break bike parts? :)

Looking forward:

It is interesting how much I have already started to divert my attention from finishing out this year to planning next year. Good or bad? Who knows. Either way I have tasted both success and failure this year and learned a ton!!

I am healthy and happy soo... Happy Monday!

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