Thursday, August 6, 2009

Airport Post

Sitting in SD at the airport waiting to take off for an adventure back east.

It is a little late for the weekend update, but last weekend was pretty good. Two days in the dirt! Day one was a Daley Ranch training ride...

After the ride we hit up Panikins for coffee and a cookie!

We even jumped in the ocean and hung out at the beach for a few...

Sunday we rode Hurkey Creek and then Thomas Mtn./Ramona Trail. Another great day on the Rocketship!

Racing this weekend should be interesting. We will be flying all night tonight and then I need to assemble the bikes and pre-ride the course on very little sleep. My legs feel like total crap and I am starting to think that somehow I am doing something wrong before every big event. I tried resting lots before D-ville (which gained me 6lbs in one week) which didn't work, and this time I trained hard and am having some knee pain and muscle soreness. Like I said things should be interesting.

With any luck I am hoping to be 100% for Windham next weekend. My best DH race ever was in the rain/mud. The weather is calling for rain. Somehow maybe I will pull something special out? I will settle for a fun week and getting back home in one piece!!! :)


Pedal Circles said...

ABUY? :) jk

Positive thoughts! (Do as I say, not as I do)

jameson said...

good luck over the next two weekends. i can't wait to hear about the races back there.

training/tapering/racing is definitely a puzzle and the only way to figure out what works for you is to experiment. you are taking the right approach.

Luke said...

good luck out there man!