Monday, September 14, 2009

More Good Stuff...

It is Monday and as usual I am in need of some rest! :)

Saturday was one packed day. Friday night we were discussing route options and I decided to map something new. Early Saturday morning we left from home...

...with me on the front of the train as usual. :)

I really dug this shot of Allison from her "Glove's Eye View", she needs to pick her artistic shot timing better though as she almost caused a huge pile up with the dog walkers on the path (oblivious people seen walking at me and taking the whole 2 lane path in photo).

The pain started early as we did a solid effort up Rancho Cal...

Allison wasn't going that hard though. "How do you know?", someone might ask. I know because she was still behind me. :) I am used to seeing her posterior on that hill now. :)

After climbing we undulated on Sandia Creek Rd. all the way to Fallbrook.

From Fallbrook we descended Olive Hill into Bonsall. From there we climbed up to the Lilac Bridge and bombed down Hwy 395. Took a quick break at the Pala Market and then dug another solid effort back up the hill.

56 miles in 3hrs with some solid climbing is a nice way to kick start the weekend!

After re-fueling we headed out for some errands and then hit up Trevor's little BBQ shindig. On the way there we saw some interesting stuff.

"Dude, did you forget to close the tailgate?" "Naaaaaaah, nobody will notice the herb duuude. Huh huh."

This Maserati sounded so bad ass!

Best seats in da house!

Some good eats...

Good times! We were up way too late though. Sunday wound up being a wrench-fest, but we still busted out a quick SRP ride with Luke. So glad to have my race bike back!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!!!

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