Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Santa Ynez quick update...

Best finish of the year so far from Santa Ynez with a 4th place. The race was interesting in that it was my first race where I had a poor first lap and then came around and moved up in subsequent laps. The last lap was great with a massive battle for 4th place between three of us. Tons of attacks and passing and the whole time I expected my legs to completely lock up. They never did though, and earned 4th place within the final 200 meters or so! Very exciting racing!


Vu said...

Seemed like you had a great race.

Too bad I couldn't hook a bungie cord to your seatpost so you could pull me along as you flew past me, lol

I just finished up my Sea Otter report, hopefully I can get in my Santa Ynez report in before tonight, I got a picture of you on the podium.

Slater Fletcher said...

Congrats Justin!! These XC races sound brutal!