Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good news and bad news.

The good news is coming first.

Idyllwild Spring Challenge was awesome. I bailed out of the XC race due to illness (bronchitis) but raced the SuperD and had a blast! My race run went pretty well, slid out at the very bottom of the course but remounted and lost maybe 6 seconds. Even with one major bobble I won CAT1 30-40 and laid down the third fastest time overall. Stoked!!!

Now for the bad news.

My next big race is the Downieville All Mountain World Championships. I am super stoked to be racing the all mountain category that I have dreamed about racing for a couple years now. I will be in the best shape of my life when we get up there to race and I will be 100% ready to give it my all. There is one major snag. I don't have the right bike for the job. The ideal bike would be a 4" travel cross country race machine with beefy tires, but I don't own one (Allison will be racing on her Sworks Epic).

I don't have money in the budget to buy and build a new FS rig.

Can this really be happening?! I am entered in the perfect race, I will be in perfect shape, and I will wind up having to run either a bike that has too much travel to do well in the XC stage or a HT that will be a major detractor on the DH stage.

What to do???


Luke said...

go full rigid! yeah!

Stephanie said...

I know it's not your ideal scenario, but what about the Enduro? You are strong enough to pedal that baby!!

Slater Fletcher said...

Congrats on the WIN!!! Awesome bro and with you being in the best shape of your life AND really looking forward to the Downieville I doubt a bike is going to hold you back.

Its NOT about the bike! :-)

Vu said...

You seem to be in a pickle.
You could try to see if you can borrow a bike for the event, otherwise you're going to have to show people how it's done on a hardtail.