Monday, September 8, 2008

Do YOU think the dust has settled?

Who cares? Eff the haters!

Allison approached me tonight to discuss the state of our training and fitness. I feel like we are in great shape and maybe our training is tapering a bit. I certainly don't think that we have lost fitness. I think she is in a slump. I don't know exactly what to do to motivate her, but I need her to go into her big XC race with a better attitude!

I guess I need to inject something new into the equation to fire her up. Don't know what that will be, but I gotta do it soon!

I have not posted since we went on vacation. Man was it incredible. The Tang Niner worked flawlessly. Colorado never disappoints. New Mexico was not as good, if I were to do the vacation over I would hit New Mexico first. Colorado is like a giant spoiler for XC riding, very similar to Whistler in the DH arena.

The other vacation to Utah was awesome as well. Big bikes are big fun!

So this weekend I have my first DH race since the horrible race at Fontana where I crashed with wreckless abandon. I am going to try a more conservative approach this weekend. We will see where that gets me...

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Luke said...

good luck dude!!

glad to see at least one of ya still posts blogs...gimme more then a crumb here!! always like reading your guys' stuff.

anyway, after next week i am free from the training regiment...that means riding wherever, whenever, big, small, you name it!

tell allison..."go broncos!"