Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So things have really heated up in my world. Aside from all the crazy stuff in my personal life, my biking world is now officially hectic.

Broken DH bike... I am stressed out about it. I need something to race on! I have my fingers crossed that I get hooked up.

New jersey... I had a good weekend racing this past weekend! Won another race and a nice California Golden State Champion jersey. I like it alot.

New class... I will now be racing in Expert for DH. This is very stressful. I liked the guys in my class. Now things get more serious. I need to try to not get run over in practice!

XC bikes... I need to get the XC bikes ready for State Champs in Big Bear this weekend. Lots of cleaning and wrenching and lubricating to do!

Training... Lots of races on the schedule and pressure for Allison to perform means that we are training our butts off. It doesn't seem like we ever get enough hours in, or stretch enough, or do enough ab workouts.

Race Schedule... What races are worth going to? Which ones are more important? Which ones will Allison most likely win? Which ones are fun?

I think I could keep going all night, but I am tired and need to do some manscaping. I am sure my one reader gets the point, I am stressed out!

In typical form, at my worst of moments I will find the energy to cheer on a friend...

"Go LUKE!" :)

1 comment:

Luke said...

haha...right on bro!
good to hear you are upgrading. i gotta come check out a DH race sometime soon!
good luke this weekend, and congrats on the win!