Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hooked up!

So it looks like I got helped out in a major way. Intense is going to be giving me new front and rear triangles for my Socom! I am pretty excited over the whole deal! This gives me several options which I will have to weigh pretty heavily, but I can guarantee you one thing... I want to stay with racing on Intense frames! One of the guys at the factory today was like, "Hey man, I can see you ride the hell out of this thing. Thanks for racing and riding our frames!" That was pretty cool.

Tonight is a rest night (ahhh, do we ever really REST much?) so no riding. I have a ton of bike maintenance to do for the race this weekend. I want the bikes to be in perfect condition.

I think I will force Allison to ride the Canzo tomorrow night so that I don't have to go through her race bike twice!

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