Friday, February 6, 2009

Wish I could sigh with relief...

So the doctor looked at the MRI with me today.

I pointed to a bunch of "damage" and he said yes you have a lot of "inflamation". He informed me that there were no "complete" tears in my rotator cuff, but that partial tears do not show up on MRI.

The doctor then proceeded to tell me that the next step was to administer a cortisone injection. He explained that the injection would eliminate all pain for up to 4 days and promote healing for up to 3 weeks.


He told me that I could start to do some PT stuff and work on keeping strength and mobility as soon as mid next week. He also said that I should be able to train on the road bike in 1 to 2 weeks!

Of course all this awesome news is very welcome considering that I was extremely upset about not being able to train with Allison.

So they administer the shot, I go through a bout of Vasal-Vagal syncopy (WOW what a HIGH), and then once I was back amonst the living the Dr asked me to move my shoulder normally. Here is where there is a catch.

The shoulder exhibited pain in all the same motions! But that isn't supposed to happen? Why is there still pain? Dr. doesn't seem to have an answer. He says that the healing will be very rapid and I should be able to exercise cautiosly next week...

BUT he also said that "the injection will have a short term effect of removing all the pain in the shoulder."

So I have zero faith that what the Dr. said is true now. I will follow his instructions to the letter. I will continue to take Vitamin I, be very gentle with my shoulder for the next 4 days, and ice it in the evenings as he suggested. After those 4 days I will check range of motion. The Dr. asked to check back in with him next week.

So that is where we are at. Still hoping for the best... only time will tell. I really hope I am not just wasting time with a stupid shot that doesn't do anything for the damage in my shoulder.

Allison races for the first time this year tomorrow. I am very excited for her. Her bike is ready. It is really early in the season and she hasn't officially started build yet, but I am anxious to see what she does out there. Lets hope that some other girls show up so we can see how she stacks up. I am really looking forward to seeing all our race buddies too!

Have a good weekend!


runninggunner said...

That's rough about the shoulder. I just broke my collarbone yesterday and am already missing being on the bike. Hope your recovery goes well.

Justin said...

right back at ya! hope your collarbone heals quickly and completely! sucks being off the bike but the best thing we can do is try to keep our spirits up and get some exersize outside however we can.