Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Tomorrow will be a first for me. I get to go have my first MRI. Not very exciting eh?

The doctor examined my shoulder and thinks I tore my rotator cuff. He said I have, "Quite a remarkable shoulder, just not in a good way." There is a huge bone spur that sticks down below my AC joint (yes you can see the gap from previous AC joint separations) and he thinks that the bone spur smashed or cut my Rotator Cuff. If the MRI confirms his suspicion then, "Game over, you go to surgery."

Couldn't I have at least done one freaking race with all this fitness?!?!

Needless to say I am much less than stoked on things right now.

I tried to do a regen ride on the trainer tonight and can't. I tried all sorts of things to make it happen, no go. I am going to go to the gym tomorrow and jump on the recumbent stationary bike. I can't maintain my current fitness or enter Build Phase like this though so I am not sure what my plan is yet.

All this from a stupid little tip over. Not even a real effing crash!! It is all quite infuriating.

On the bright side I have the best fitness of my life, and Allison is preparing to crush the competition this season. I couldn't be more proud of her, that is for sure.

Happy Tuesday. :/


Pedal Circles said...

Positive thoughts! You can train on a recumbent. It's not best case scenario, but you can pedal. If you can't pedal, then we'll try having you run? :)

Luke said...

crap dude!! well...let's be hopeful! either way...it's not forever, you'll be back soon!

Justin said...

thanks guys!

i am really fearing the worst. we will see how it goes. i will try to remain positive!

here is what i read today:

if the prognosis is a tear, and the treatment is surgery, the reports i have read say that 3 months is required for healing, after 3 months then comes re-training the rotator cuff and PT.

this means that i will be heavily focused on getting back at it in June or so...

jameson said...

my fingers are crossed for you dude... injuries suck but they happen to everybody. stay positive!

Zippy said...

Really sorry to hear about the shoulder. Holly works in a PT office and says the rehab is tough. Bummer.