Monday, February 23, 2009

Hard Week

So I had a pretty tough week all around last week.

Taxes, work, training... STRESS!

No big deal. Life goes on.

Training is going okay. I am not where I should be speed wise due to time off, and it is pretty discouraging when Allison passes me on a climb. I keep thinking that if I can't go faster than her up a hill that there is no way I will be able to compete with the Cat1 men...

In any case I have been training hard and despite the setbacks I am easily in the best shape of my life.

Thursday night we got our Team Weins kits.

I had set up the camera and sprinted to get over there, looks like I was trying to snuggle up with poor Luke! :)

Saturday's training ride was good and hard. I was stoked to finally get to do the route that I have been daydreaming about for a long time! The views on this route are stellar!

It is so hard to get the camera out and snap a pic when you are going hard on a training ride!

We stopped when we got to 74 and took a break.

Sunday we did a fast ride at Daley Ranch with Coach Zippy. It was fun and fast and then I crashed. Dumb Justin.

Then we went to see the start of the ToC in RB. I got Floyd to sign two ToC golden jerseys from 2006 (the year he won).

When we finished up there we headed over to Lake Hodges. We were pretty spent and Allison was quite surly...

I was enjoying myself, but I also hadn't had two solid weeks of Build.

After the ride we went and caught the end of the ToC in Escondido. Allison snapped some photos. I am a much bigger fan of Christian Van de Velde now. He told me he really liked my Division 26 shirt when we asked if we could get a photo of him with Allison.

After the finish we jetted over to Chipotle to get some grub and see what riders showed up for the meet and greet. Tyler Farrar was very friendly and down to earth. We got a Chipotle shirt signed by the guys and then headed home...

So now we have a regen week with the first big race of the year this weekend. Should be fun. I hope I don't come in last!

Happy Monday!


Luke said...

haha...good stuff bro! next time you gotta swing the hips toward your wife! ;)

Slater Fletcher said...

Great pics! I am sure you will be killing it this weekend. I will be there taking some pictures ;-)

Justin said...

Why no racing Slater??

milestokm said...

hey good pics!

PacMan said...

What part of Hodges were those pics taken?

Justin said...

the two pics of me were taken on the bernardo peak offshoot. yes it is legal. :)