Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good Weekends tend to lead to Bummer Mondays.

This past weekend was pretty great!  Saturday Allison and I got up early and headed over to Orange County to donate some cans and go for a sweet ride with a hundred or so other people.  This was our third year going to the Hunger Ride and this year the weather man smiled on us again, last year it rained!  Instead of hammering myself into the ground on the ride I hung out with Mammograms In Action founder Zionna.  She is a kick ass Cross Fit athlete and Olympic Lifter but is new to the bike thing and I had a great time showing her the ropes and escorting her on her longest ride to date (30 miles on her 3rd ride!).

Sunday Allison and I got out on the mountain bikes and rode Trabuco - Holy Jim.  This route is a Santa Ana's classic and one of my favorites!

It was a beautiful day!

Monday is as always a "rest" day, but I went to the gym and did some plyos anyway.  :)

Unfortunately during the day a major bummer struck and I got an email from Google stating that my Adsense account was terminated.  This was a major bummer but it seems that along the way I had "promoted" the ads on my blog and that is forbidden.  All funds I had earned ($104) were refunded to the advertisers.

I was really looking forward to donating that money to Bikes for Boobs so it hit me pretty hard.  I now plan to still make that donation, but from my own pocket to honor my promise to my blog readers and their cooperation with clicking on the ads.

So there you have it, another update from The Mann Show.  Training is going well, work is hard, living the life...

See you on the road or trail!

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