Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TEAM, The Mann Show is a TEAM!

This morning my good friend DMC uploaded a bunch of photos from this past weekend's racing.  Before I delve into the topic of this post I want to give a hearty thanks to all the people who take the time and effort to photograph and share these images.  The moments of racing, like many in life, are fleeting.  When a photographer applies his or her skill and artistic talent they (sometimes) capture something special.  Looking at race pictures I am often reminded of the sweat stinging my eyes, the elation of racing, or the crushing moments when as an athlete your body simply lets you down and won't do what you ask of it.

When I saw the picture Dan posted it was a different feeling altogether.

You see a bit of back story is necessary for the casual observer to understand...

After racing my guts out in the Master's 35+ A race, and immediately jumping into the Elite Men's race which I pulled out of with 2 laps to go due to cramping while again turning myself inside out to try and place well, Allison asked me to ride the course with her and show her what I learned in the last 2 hours of flogging myself cross-eyed.

This photo for me captures the fun feel of the Expo area of a local cross race.  It captures the multiple surfaces that we race on (dirt, cement/tarmac, and grass).  It captures the fabulous weather and venue that comes with racing in Balboa Park, at the San Diego Velodrome.  More than those things though it captures the nature of my relationship with Allison.  In the photo I am calling back to her to "take that corner to the tape", coaching her on corner speed.  It reminds me that first and foremost, although we race individually, we are a team.  One without the other just wouldn't be the same.

I am one lucky Mann!

No matter what the future holds I am excited and comforted with the knowledge that the two of us, the team that was formed so many years ago, will rock on strong...



DMack said...

This just became my most successful photo to date. Not because it is of stellar quality but because it captured the story..and THAT is what I take photos for. Always an honor to take photos of you two and share in your adventures. Thank you Justin.

jameson said...

good post dude... i am stoked to be part of a similar team. we are the lucky ones!

The Bike Nazi said...

It's nice to see a reminder of what's really important. My husband and I are celebrating our one year anniversary this weekend. I'm so glad he got me into riding and that we do it together.