Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting back to life after busin-ass travel...

Putting things in perspective, it was a great experience to be selected to attend a corporate wide technology expo.  The major drawback is that traveling destroys my ability to exercise restraint on my dietary intake and then creates a perfect fat-storm because I wind up with no time to work out at all.  The trip itself was extremely demanding though, arriving in Chicago at 1 AM, didn't get to hotel and bed till 2:30.  Up Monday at 6:15 AM and then spent all day at the symposium (3.75hrs sleep).  Monday evening I met with a vendor and didn't get back to the hotel and bed until 1:30 AM.  Tuesday I was up at 6 AM and working the poster presentations all day (4.5hrs sleep).  Despite my lack of sleep I spent Tuesday night with a co-worker in Downtown Chicago (pics below) and then got about 2 hours of sleep before heading to the airport to catch my 5 AM flight.  Total sleep for three days around 10hrs.  Huge quantities of crappy coffee were consumed to accomplish this schedule.  If it weren't for Kim I would have been sulking the entire time from missing my wife and bikes!

Arriving near downtown we parked and then grabbed the train.

There was a really nice sunset during our train ride towards Millenium Park.

I snapped a few photos of the Millenium Bean, this one was my favorite.

We walked down to the statue of Marilyn Monroe.

A couple of shots off the bridge of the river.

Some weirdos were posing between her legs and snapping pictures of her undies!

The Wrigley Building.

Figured Allison would dig the Leg Lamp!

She has one of her own...

In any case, I am super thankful to be home again and looking forward to shredding some sweet trails this weekend with my beautiful wife.

Loving life!

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