Monday, October 17, 2011

Spookycross Photo and Video Update...

My wonderful wife is not only super fast but she takes some nice photos and she just sent me over a bunch of them via email so I figured I would provide a photo update!

Rock N' Road Cyclery is our #1 supporter, and this was their event, so it is only appropriate that I post a picture of me with one of our favorite store managers/mechanics!

Thanks for all you do Chuck!

This is what it looks like when you totally blow the start.  I am not in the photo at all!

Moving up, I was working way to hard trying to catch up with Phil and Johnny.

Caught Johnny in the sand and was on his wheel on the off camber turn.

Working through traffic, but definitely not in the lead!



The hardest section for me on the weekend, the endless sand pit!

Finishing up, 2nd AG, 3rd in the wave (Johnny is 45+)

This is what it looks like when I don't blow the start.  Clear track!

Swapping positions and being schooled by an ex-Olympic track racer on race tactics.

Working the barriers!

Off camber!

Last but not least a video of me being chased through the barriers by Mark Noble.


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