Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday musings...

I have been thinking about a blog post for a while that would go through all the things that make my life better.  Things that would have a major impact if I didn't have them anymore.  You see I am fortunate and there is a long list of them... if you really know me it is likely that you can guess most of them and that you already know where this post is going.

Near the top of the list is my collection of Oakley sunglasses.  Everyone knows I broke my neck last year.  The only other injury that my parents ever used to scare me out of doing something was putting an eye out.

(You know the story...  "Don't **insert crazy reckless activity here** because you will **insert one here**!  A) break your neck or B) put an eye out)

I have already broken my neck so putting an eye out is the only thing left that scares me.

Well, I wear Oakley's nearly 100% of the time now because they will protect my eyes.  Mostly because I don't think an eye patch would look good on me!

Some other things that I have added or taken off  the list as my mind churns on all the cool things that I have the pleasure of having in my life: my new Golf TDI to move us around so fuel efficient and comfortably, my Specialized CruX to ride no matter what surface or terrain, my sweet BBQ to cook on every single night, my ancient first generation Droid phone to stay in touch with everyone, my Garmin to help me keep track of my training, my Vibram Five Finger shoes that keep my foot pain free when off the bike, Purist water bottles to keep whatever I happen to be drinking from dribbling all over me....

The list was getting ever so long and I kept trying to remember different things as I went through my day.  I worried that there was no way I could actually capture all these things in a blog post, so then I started trying to organize these things into categories like Bike Related, or Cooking and Nutrition so that I could group things and post them separately.  My mind was churning!

Then we (my wife and I, you see we are inseparable) did a ride earlier this week and on that ride I started to think only one thing mattered.  The bottle of Coke that would bring me back from horrible bonkage and get me back to work so I could finish my day.

That was a turning point in the train of thought that I had.  Out of all the things that I had, only a Coke mattered?  I still had a sweet Topeak multi tool in my awesome Topeak saddle bag, I still had a sweet pair of split jackets to protect my eyes, my Specialized CruX to ride, Crank Brothers pedals, Garmin in case I forgot where I was, and my not so trusty Droid that worked when I needed it most to call Allison when I was laying on the side of the road bleeding profusely with a broken neck "Come get me I'm hurt!"...

Then it all came together.  All I need in the whole world, the one thing that makes everything good no matter where I go or what I am doing.  Keeping me safe and sane (mostly).

My other half, the W to my M, the Yin to my Yang.  Love this girl.  Nuff said.

Have a stellar weekend!  I know I will cuz she will be with me!

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