Monday, September 12, 2011

Definitely not the regularly scheduled program!

First of all I have to say that Allison's website is finally back up after being hacked!  Not only can I now read back through all my favorite posts and look at all her great photos, but she unloaded some of her bottled up writing from the last few weeks in a spectacular post...  stellar!

This last weekend was nothing like a typical weekend.  Allison had plans for Saturday to help with a Women's only CX clinic.
This would be cool except that we are attached at the hip and have neither the motivation nor the money to have the surgery to separate us.  Needless to say I was very excited when towards the end of the week I was approved to "help out" at the clinic.  Sure I wouldn't be out doing a big ride, but I love to talk bikes and I am proud of being a "women's athletic supporter"!  For some reason they left me out of this article.  I helped out with getting the women set up on some sweet demo CruXs and talked bikes and parts etc.

Once the actual clinic started I headed over and grabbed Allison's camera and tried to help snap some photos.  To make things interesting a crazy thunderstorm rolled through complete with lighting.  One advantage to the rain was that it made it easier for me to herd everyone together for a nice picture!

After the rain cleared we all jumped on the bikes again and went for a fun spin around the park.  It was really fun to look for natural barriers to practice on and help lead the group ride.  All the women seemed to be having lots of fun!

After the clinic was over Allison had arranged to meet up with some OC friends for another ride.  I think she scared them off by suggesting Whiting Ranch-Santiago Truck Trail-Luge.  Though any Mann-imal on a CX bike that hears that route thinks "this will be fun!", the rest of the world simply says "screw that!".  Needless to say nobody joined us for the ride but it was a good time.  Luge was in really great shape!  The CX bikes definitely make rides like this more challenging...

After the ride we swung by Rock N' Road (Anaheim Hills) to pick up some parts and visit with some of our favorite shop employees.

From there we headed West to Long Beach.  Chris Hanson of was having a birthday celebration!  

Neither of us had ever had pho (pronounced "fuh") before so it was cool to try something new.  Of course the celebration would not be complete without dessert and we wound up getting froyo (seriously, we have lost all discipline!).  It was quite the double whammy for us on the day between staying out super late (didn't get home till midnight, it was a LONG day!) and eating poorly but I certainly feel like we maximized the fun factor for the day!

After far too little sleep we got up and headed South to the Charger's season opener against the Vikings!  My friend Dave suggested going to the game (he has an obsession with purple) and I jumped in with both feet arranging a tailgate party with Dan (a co-worker that has season tickets).  We proceeded to eat too much food and drink too much beer, then scream till we were hoarse and clap till our hands were painful and swollen.  Lots of fun!

Thanks to Dave for sending me these great photos!

On today's lunch ride we were definitely feeling the effects of the weekend's excesses.  Racing CX in the next few days is going to be tough!  At least we have some excuses now...

See you out there!

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