Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Base Training and stuff...

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

So with all the craziness of the holidays, training, and trying to provide enough support for Allison to do her thing... I just don't get around to posting blogs much lately. I am not complaining though, I am totally stoked on just about everything right now (except my right foot, but I will try to contain my complaints).

I promised a picture of the rack that I fabricated so here she is in all her glory...

Since our company shuts down for the holidays I decided to shake down the rack by driving all over the place to visit family and friends (and ride bikes of course!).

Before we took off though I took my buddy Kirk for a spin on his MTB (he has probably only ridden off road once before)...

We drove to my mom's and saw her and my sister.

Then we drove out to PD to see Allison't mom and Tom (her BF). While there we ate some great food and got in a sweet road ride...

I got to ride my moto on the nearby sand dunes...

...that was something different!

We also rode some awesome trails!

Man, that is a lot of pictures of me! I am not really that narcissistic, those are just the pics Allison sent me from the camera! I took a couple with my phone though...

We left PD and headed for PHX to go see my dad and his wife Sally. It was great to see them, but horrible to see my dad in such bad shape. He never fails to be a shining example of what not to do with one's life! He is my dad though, I love him all the same.

I also took the opportunity to blast around the streets of PHX on the moto with Allison on back and met up with my buddy J-bone! It was great to see him and to meet his studly hockey player GF!!!

She is a monster on skates! She plays with the big boys and doesn't hesitate to push them around. I wish her all the luck in making the National Team next year!

Of course the trip to PHX provided an opportunity to get some new dirt on my tires, and the Black Canyon single track did just that!! Anyone that likes single track needs to hit this place up! Supposedly they are linking 60+ miles of perfect single track. Heaven!!!!!

Road tripping is awesome, and even better when you have a motorcycle and 4 bikes to ride while on the road!!!!

We hauled ass home to go on a brutal ride with Bruce. I won't go into the gnarly details but it was hard, wet, cold, and windy enough to stop me in my tracks! CRAZY FOOLS WE ARE!!!

After that it was time to get our party on for the New Year!

I was bad, really bad, and I instigated a lot of mayhem (I didn't puke till 3am though!). Allison made me delete the pics of Steph's thong and me spanking her... Scandalous!!! So much fun!

The Manns have started off 2010 the right way...

...and hopefully keep going strong!

On the racing front I have already flatted out of a race so I got that out of the way early! :)

Looking back at 2009 it was a great year! Maybe I will do a late Year In Review post... seems like a horribly daunting task!

May everyone have an outstanding 2010, keep on rolling!

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Luke said...

that last pic of you riding is sick bro! good post.