Monday, October 12, 2009

Offseason, and stuff...

So we are in our "off season", whatever that means.

Last week we got back into the gym and I would have to say that overall the week was as hard or harder than any other week this year. I guess we don't need to worry about lack of consistency. Feels good though, I see Allison's strength improving already!

If you get a chance go vote for my blog in the Optygen Prototype contest! I have heard that it improves endurance and recovery which is something that I could really use to help push my training and racing that extra little bit next year. I race with some very competitive fellows and every little bit counts!

Next year... that is a touchy subject in our household right now. We are really struggling to plan next year's racing and training and are very bummed that Allison's results this year weren't enough to obtain racing/team support for next year. ShoAir informed us that there is no room on the Elite squad as their 2 man roster is full. We are pretty bummed out about that, it was pretty much her only shot at getting help for her racing.

As a first year Pro, Allison did pretty awesome and was able to stay in contention with some very experienced female racers. Granted she wasn't running with the World Cup racers, but she did much better than expected (especially when you consider the caliber of racers at the Pro XC Tour events)! Given the circumstances I would say that her second year would yield some improvements and even better results! Unfortunately trying to earn money to support the racing effort means we don't have all day every day to travel and meet with others in the industry in between our training rides...

Where does all that leave us? At this point it may mean that the US Cup loses another Pro female racer. So sad.

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