Thursday, November 20, 2008


Three years ago my wife said I was getting a little fat, in an attempt to help get some fitness into our lives we went out and purchased an '05 Specialized Stumpjumper Expert for her, and an '05 Specialized Enduro Expert for me. Lots of people probably said we were crazy for spending so much on bikes. From my perspective it seemed that it would help motivate us, no way were we going to waste all that money and not ride our bikes. How much did I underestimate us!? (or for that matter how much we would eventually spend on bikes!)

I bought the Stumpjumper for the wife because I felt that it would give her a nice quality ride, maybe make the transition from couch potato to mountain biker a bit easier. The Enduro was a nice burly bike, and since I was such a burly guy it seemed appropriate.

Allison seemed to like climbing, but had no confidence descending. The first few time she rode down this fire road she walked it, she slowly graduated to tripod down it...

I on the other hand had no problem descending and liked to get my tires off the ground. I was lucky when my fat carcass didn't cause a crater!

What a difference three years makes eh?

Allison is now not only an incredibly fast XC and Endurance racer, but she hucks with the best of them.

With 60+ lbs. gone off my frame I get up the hills a bit faster, but my love for going downhill and getting some air under my tires hasn't changed at all!

It would be impossible for me to put a price on the improvements in health and life that both of us have made. Really that is what it is all about. Riding my bike, with my wife, enjoying life to it's fullest because you never know when it might come to a screeching halt. I am sure glad I didn't put all that money in a savings account, because a savings account won't buy you anything when all is said and done.


jameson said...

that's a killer story... keep living the life!

Luke said...

great post...keep 'em coming!