Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whole lotta change comin' my way!

For better or for worse, everything is about to change.  I have seen it coming for a long time, like a dust storm on the horizon that slowly darkens the sky (or more aptly, like the impending sunrise that slowly lightens it!)

I have put in notice with my current employer and will be starting a new job on the 30th.  Changing jobs isn't the end of the world, but this particular job change will pose some significant challenges for me to overcome with respect to time and training.

I know, I have had it good.  Currently I drive less than an hour a day (usually 15 minutes to work, at times as long as 40 minutes on the way home) and losing 2 hours more a day, every day, is really going to smart.  I am going to lose a lot of the time that I used to utilize for training or "family time".

On the other hand I will be working on new stuff, learning new things, expanding my capability as an engineer.  I should also be bringing home a better salary.  For a long time I have argued with myself that money wasn't what I wanted, that although I didn't have money I had something better, that I had quality of life.  Though I still feel quality of life is important, money does indeed make the world go round (or fund trips etc).

Enough about my employment.  I have been putting in what I considered to be a good year so far with respect to training and racing.  That was of course right up until the post-workout analysis of our intervals the other day.  It turns out that despite my best efforts I am just not a great engine, or even a good engine.  Maybe my disappointment with my own capabilities comes from direct comparison with my wife who is quite a good engine it turns out, but certainly my aspirations of reaching higher than the lower steps of the podium against the good engines of the world is a stretch goal at best.

What does all this mean?  Well it is likely a good thing that my job change will have me more focused on my career.  I never wanted to be an Elite bike racer, but now it seems maybe I have achieved the most I can with racing and can just be excited for last year's lack of competition which netted me a lot of victories.  I will still be out riding my bike as much as I can, because that is what I love to do, and will still be throwing down at the races that I attend.  The difference is that I won't really be racing for a top step of the podium.  I am racing to put in fast times on course.  It is a change of perspective and should allow me to enjoy things more considering that I am getting pummeled by better athletes.

No matter what I am still stoked on everything that is going on.  I have a wonderful wife who will be by my side (or up the road having dropped me, whichever the case) through it all.  The Mann Show will rock on!!!

Till next time...   BRAAAAP!!!!


Luke said...

good luck with your new endeavor!

The Bikinator said...

You could look at it like a temporary thing. Once you get established in this job, the job will no doubt change and evolve. More free time could open up in the future. By then, you might be missing the training, or maybe, you'll crave the extra free time. Nothing stays the same, and it's refreshing to embrace change. And if you and Allison do not end up happy with the changes, you can always make other changes later. The power is yours!