Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"I'm kicking my ass! Do you mind?!"

Things have been hectic lately and I have felt absolutely buried beneath piles of "Things To Do".  Unfortunately I don't feel like I am making any headway, and there are only glimmers of things that I actually enjoy.

This last Saturday was one of those glimmers.  The morning was rainy and dreary and the wife was not stoked.  I was sort of pissed because I wanted to ride my MTB in the mountains.  We delayed our ride to the afternoon and it turned out to be one of the most awesome days on the bike in recent times.  I don't have pictures of my own so I will steal one of hers...  (missing you already old buddy)

Sunday we raced CX again.  I am seriously over getting my ass handed to me by these guys.  It is really hacking away at my confidence.  Allison is making excuses for me saying that my mountain bike is not as well suited to the CX races as an actual CX bike is, but they just feel like empty excuses.  I want to be in the mix.  Allison also likes to remind me how difficult this year has been for me (since April 2nd).  I don't care about all that, I want to be slamming bars with the top dudes like I was.  I did give it all I had on the Beach... just wasn't enough.

Looking at the pictures, I look soft and puffy.  Time to step up my training and get disciplined in my nutrition.  This shit just won't cut it when mountain bike season comes around!!

One thing that definitely keeps me coming back to the CX races is hanging out with all our buddies...

Dave and I were talking about going fishing instead of CX racing...

Till the next time... The Mann Show is out.

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