Tuesday, October 5, 2010


In typical Mann fashion Allison and I have taken on a new challenge by leaning forward and smashing into it head first. Cyclocross is ridiculous enough of a sport to almost require our maniacal dedication and complete disregard for the normal impulse to stop when it hurts.

Our second (and third) Cyclocross experience happened this past weekend at Bonelli Park. Luckily for us it wasn't 102F outside like it was the previous weekend or else the entry fees paid for day two might have been wasted. The course layout was however a drastic change and did not favor us. The first race was tight, lots of sand, and required bike handling skills. This course was wide open, fast, and had lots of long straights on grass.

Side bar: Who invented this racing on grass crap? I remember as a kid the momentum robbing properties of riding my bike onto grass. I avoided it at all cost. Heck, riding in snow seemed like a better idea than riding on grass. It saps the energy and power from my legs more than riding head first into the Temecula Wind Tunnel! Maybe I can invent a new sport where we ride head first into water blasting out of a fire hydrant. Seems like it might be more fun.

Back on track... We are really enjoying this Cyclocross racing! (I think.)

Saturday Steph and Dan joined us in the fun. I had a decent race but found it hard to hang in the groups. There weren't enough turns or technical sections for me to make up the time lost on the straights made from molasses. As a side note, the mud on the course didn't seem all that interesting. It just got us really dirty. I think I would rather see it on a run-up, or a 180 corner. Somewhere other than just a high speed straight. I wound up 11th in Master's 1/2/3.

Sunday Allison and I went at it alone. I suffered more than the previous day. I had a really hard time with a few spots on course (uphill remounts, super tall barriers). I lost a bunch of time due to sloppy technique over the barriers and dropping the chain off the front, this same problem took Allison out of the chase group in her race so it needs to be addressed!! I did my best to fight it out but I finished farther back than I should have. It is still good training though!

Hoping that my new CruX Comp shows up this week.  I have wanted a cross bike for a while but now that Allison has one and we are racing I have finally pulled the trigger.  In order to pay for it I have sold my trusty Niner AIR9.  I sold it for far too little, but it was a great bike and I hope it gets abused properly at it's new home!  Goodbye my friend.

Next up on the chopping block is the Lenz Lunchbox...

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Stephanie said...

Great race report Justin! I'm stoked to see you out there giving it your all yet another crazy discipline :) You are truly a machine!